The VLF Evaluation Protocol

The VLF Evaluation ProtocolSM is a proprietary technology developed and tested by Vinson Litigation Finance that assesses the perceived merits of your legal claim and the potential for achieving a satisfactory recovery. It entails a scientific approach to our risk analysis and underwriting activities, utilizing sophisticated mathematical and statistical models. It is a rigorous, detailed process that takes into account how your claim is likely to be perceived and assessed by:

  • Experienced Trial Lawyers
  • Retired Judges
  • Expert Witnesses
  • And Jurors

The VLF Evaluation ProtocolSM also takes into account the characteristics of the trial venue in which the matter will be prosecuted; estimates the amount of time that will be required to bring a case to a successful resolution; and weighs the costs of pursing the claim against the potential financial benefits.

No other organization possesses the technology, the data, or the systems for objectively evaluating the perceived merits and potential financial success of your claims.


It Is Systematic. It Is Objective. And It Is Comprehensive.

Our proprietary technology aggregates behavioral science research, mathematical modeling techniques, and software applications that have been developed over the past 40 years.

Most Importantly, It Is Reliable.

We have such confidence in these techniques that we are comfortable putting our capital at risk in order to help you pursue your claims.

Additional Applications

While the VLF Evaluation ProtocolSM is a key component of VLF underwriting procedures for the financing of litigation, it can also be employed in a variety of contexts to provide clients plaintiffs, defendants, or related third-parties with sophisticated insight into the value or risk associated with a given legal case. The benefits of the VLF Evaluation ProtocolSM are available exclusively to VLF clients and cannot be obtained elsewhere.

For more information, please download The VLF Evaluation ProtocolSM brochure.

And for specific examples that illustrate how the VLF Evaluation ProtocolSM has performed, please see our Case Studies.

Economic Efficiency

Traditionally, the high costs of retaining expert witnesses, conducting jury research, and performing other functions associated with trial preparation mean that much of the critical information about a claim is only developed in the later stages of the litigation process, often too late to permit dispassionate assessment and cost/benefit evaluations of the worthiness of the case.

The VLF Evaluation ProtocolSM accelerates the case learning curve and permits VLF and its clients to make informed decisions much earlier and with greater economic efficiency than the traditional approach to litigation management. By moving the crucial information-gathering phase to the front end of the process, VLF more accurately estimates the value of various strategic approaches to resolving the claim.