How Vinson Litigation Finance Can Help Firms and Clients of All Sizes

shutterstock_299158736In our last two posts, we talked about the benefits that litigation finance companies can provide big and small firms alike. But how do you choose the right litigation finance partner?

There is an ever-growing array of funders that can provide capital to help you grow your practice, diversify your fee arrangements and monetize your current cases. That's why you should look at the additional value they can offer, value that separates capital providers from strategic partners. At Vinson Litigation Finance (VLF), we combine access to substantial financial resources, extensive real-world experience and sophisticated analytic tools that allows us to not only fund claims, but also to help clients and attorneys enhance the likelihood of obtaining a successful recovery.

We have 35 years experience providing targeted polling services, trial strategy analysis, jury selection assistance, consulting advice and early case assessment in large, complex cases and arbitrations. We have also developed proprietary technology – The VLF Evaluation Protocol – that utilizes online panels of experienced trial lawyers, retired judges, expert witnesses and more than 2,000 surrogate jurors to perform a statistically reliable, multi-dimensional assessment of the claims at issue and the potential for achieving a satisfactory recovery.

We are the only litigation finance firm that possesses the expertise and resources to perform an objective, scientific analysis to answer a key question – how your dispute is likely to be perceived and assessed by critical decision-making parties.

Benefits of The VLF Evaluation Protocol include:

  • Data-driven analysis of, and insight into a claim's viability
  • An accelerated case learning curve, allowing firms to obtain crucial information before agreeing to take on the financial and reputational risk of a representation.

Additionally, through VLF's partnership with leading jury consulting firm Vinson & Company, VLF can provide funded clients with significant added-value services including:

  • A detailed early case assessment that can be used to anticipate case vulnerabilities and identify case strengths;
  • The ability to conduct sophisticated jury research as the discovery process unfolds and the case progresses, aiding counsel's understanding and valuation of the case for settlement purposes.
  • The ability to test different strategic approaches to trying the dispute at a fraction of the cost of traditional “mock juries,” yet with statistically comparable results.
  • The ability to assess juror reactions to both side's key fact and expert witnesses.

For clients seeking to litigate or arbitrate meritorious commercial claims, we offer an unparalleled blend of case risk analysis and financing. To learn more about what sets VLF apart from other litigation finance companies, contact us at 310-531-1700.