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Litigation Financing: A Powerful Tool to Protect Firm Investments

By: Dr. Donald E. Vinson Successful law firms understand how to manage the balance between time and money. Once a law firm decides to invest substantial time in a particular matter, the ability to see it through to the optimal outcome is critical to the firm's long-term success. Unfortunately, client funding can and often does run dry, which can bring even the best litigation efforts to a premature close. At any point in the litigation, […] Read On

The Objective Edge: Third Party Assessment in Litigation Risk Analysis

By: Dr. Donald E. Vinson At the outset of every representation, law firms must perform an initial assessment of a client's claims and the potential for a successful resolution. Such assessments are all the more crucial when firms face the prospect of taking a case on a contingency-fee basis or are asked to implement some other hybrid billing structure that is dependent on the final outcome of the dispute. The cost-benefit analyses they perform must […] Read On

Technology to Evaluate Litigation Risk

On October 15, 2014, Vinson Litigation Finance, in conjunction with the New York Law Journal, hosted a webinar on “Technology to Evaluate Litigation Risk”. Summary of Presentation: The decision to pursue or defend litigation has traditionally been fraught with subjectivity.  Determining how a jury of “our peers” might conclude has generally been based on a rudimentary and subjective analysis of the evidence and relevant law, and past experiences with factually similar cases and jurors of […] Read On

Litigation Financing Signifies the Quality and Strength of Business Claims

By: Dr. Donald E. Vinson, CEO & Chairman, Vinson Litigation Finance As an equalizing force in commercial litigation for parties with meritorious claims handicapped by financial constraints, litigation financing has been welcomed with open arms in many areas of the legal community. While the value of such funding for litigants and law firms is undeniable, leading experts have also identified a variety of systemic benefits that third party litigation financing can offer to the American […] Read On

Top Five Benefits of Using Litigation Finance

By: Dr. Donald E. Vinson, CEO & Chairman, Vinson Litigation Finance Pursuing commercial litigation is fraught with financial risks and uncertainty. Today, more and more law firms are utilizing a new form of financial assistance to fund the costs associated  with litigation. This type of financing, known as Litigation Finance, is playing an increasing role in the resolution of legal disputes in the United States. And it is bridging the gap between  cost-sensitive clients and […] Read On