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Finding the Right Litigation Funding Company to Manage Risk, Monetize Claims

In part 3 of Vinson Litigation Finance’s three-part series in Inside Counsel, VLF’s CEO, Dr. Donald E Vinson provides insights to in-house counsel on what to look for when choosing a litigation funder and the different characteristics each funder may have. This article was first published in Inside Counsel and can be found here Imagine if the risk of litigation could be quantified and the benefits monetized. For in-house counsel, that reality is finally here. […] Read On

Using Litigation Funding to Identify Claims that Represent Valuable Assets

By: Dr. Donald E. Vinson August 31, 2015 In part 2 of Vinson Litigation Finance’s three-part series in Inside Counsel, VLF’s CEO, Dr. Donald E Vinson provides advice and – and guidance on how in-house counsel can move away from instincts and guesswork to an analytical approach to litigation risk assessment. The article discusses the use of litigation funding companies to provide an objective assessment of litigation risk and why an objective assessment is stronger […] Read On

VLF in Legal Tech News – Use of Litigation Finance in Evaluating Litigation Risk

In the August 2015 issue of Legal Tech News, Vinson Litigation Finance’s CEO, Dr. Donald E. Vinson – is quoted in the section on news and trends driving the legal technology space, about the use of technology in evaluating litigation risk. “The decision to pursue commercial litigation has traditionally been fraught with subjectivity. Forecasting how a business dispute might be resolved has generally been based on a rudimentary analysis of initial facts and relevant case […] Read On

Evaluating and managing litigation risk

By: Dr. Donald E. Vinson July 29, 2015 This article was first published in Inside Counsel and can be found here: One of the key duties of legal departments is evaluating and managing risk, particularly around litigation funding. Yet when it comes to litigation, many in-house counsel lack the tools to perform these functions. Fortunately, there are a growing number of resources, technologies and methodologies to help in-house counsel and their clients weigh the risks […] Read On

Vinson Resolution Management in California Lawyer

Recently, Thomas Brom, a writer for The California Lawyer, interviewed, Vinson Resolution Management’s CEO, Donald E. Vinson, about VRM’s litigation finance business and the industry as a whole. The article, “Litigation Funders Upset The Justice Marketplace” can be read in the June issue of the California Lawyer, or online here. The author takes a neutral look at litigation finance and goes into depth about the benefits, the ethics, and the disapprovers. Mr. Brom also discusses […] Read On

Key Cases Shaping The Future For Patent Litigation Funders

Several patent law decisions made last year are already shaping the future of patent litigation. Vinson Litigation Finance’s, CEO, Dr. Donald E. Vinson, recently published an article in Law360 identifying the major cases that impacted patent law in 2014 and early 2015 and evaluates what they mean for litigation funders who finance patent lawsuits. To read the article please visit the Law360 website (Note: This is a subscription based service. If you do not have an account, […] Read On

10 Things Every Litigant Should Know About Litigation Finance

CEO, Dr. Donald E. Vinson recently comprised a list “10 Things Every Litigant Should Know About Litigation Finance” that was featured in Law Technology Today. You can read article below. In recent years, litigation financing has seen an increasing popularity for entities ranging from small startups to multinational firms. Most people know litigation financing as the process in which a third-party company provides advanced capital to cover litigation costs in exchange for a return on […] Read On

Should Legal Funding Be Disclosed In Court?

Commercial litigation financier Vinson Litigation Finance this week released a study investigating the effects of legal funding on jury decision making. The survey, entitled Lawyers Need Not Worry, is the first empirical look into a long-contested issue: whether the disclosure of funding contracts would adversely affect outcomes of jury trials. Read More

Enforcing IP Rights: Legal Claims as an Asset Class

Recently, Premier Cercle, the company that produces the IP Finance Conference, interviewed Dr. Donald E. Vinson about leveraging litigation financing in helping companies protect their IP. Below is the interview which was first featured as a special newsletter sent out to all IP Finance Conference attendees. Carefully evaluated, financed and managed, meritorious legal claims to enforce and protect IP rights can unlock significant value. An interview with Dr. Donald E. Vinson Chairman & Chief Executive […] Read On