Vinson Resolution Management Rebrands Financial Arm of Business to Vinson Litigation Finance

Name change to help clarify the company's main focus of business

Vinson Litigation Finance Logo

El Segundo, CA – June 22, 2015 – Vinson Resolution Management (VRM) today announces that its litigation finance business has been renamed Vinson Litigation Finance (VLF), a VRM Company.

“The strategic importance of changing our name to clarify our main business objective – which is to provide funding for the prosecution of meritorious legal claims on terms competitive with other major funding companies – cannot be understated. This move will strengthen our reputation and broaden our recognition as well as eliminate any confusion for our clients and other partners,” states Dr. Donald E. Vinson, chairman and CEO of VLF.

The name change will not affect operational practices, management infrastructure or business objectives.

The transition to the new name will begin immediately.

About Vinson Litigation Finance

Vinson Litigation Finance (VLF), a Vinson Resolution Management (VRM) company, is a U.S.-based financial services firm providing capital for the funding of meritorious commercial litigation. VLF is the only litigation finance company that takes an objective, scientific approach to case risk analysis. Known as the VLF Evaluation Protocol, VLF's proprietary technology houses a database of more than 2,000 surrogate jurors and uses sophisticated statistical and mathematical modeling processes to assess the merits of a claim and the potential for financial success.