Dr. Donald Vinson, Founder of the Trial Consulting Industry, Launches Litigation Finance Firm

May 20, 2014

Dr. Donald E. Vinson, widely regarded as the “founding father” of the trial consulting industry, has started a new firm – Vinson Litigation Finance (VLF) – that provides litigation financing to businesses, institutions and law firms for the prosecution of meritorious commercial legal claims.

With the close of its first fund, VLF has sufficient aggregate capital commitments to concurrently finance multiple claims with legal budgets of several million dollars each.  Demand is growing rapidly and the firm has already evaluated, or is in the process of evaluating, nearly two dozen unique matters as potential investments.

For over 35 years, Dr. Vinson and VLF's principals have provided trial strategy, jury selection and consulting advice in thousands of cases in State and Federal Courts throughout the United States and in foreign venues. They have built up a vast reservoir of expertise in the evaluation of commercial claims and have leveraged that experience to develop a scientific approach to assessing the merits and likely success of potential litigation.

VLF's proprietary tools and patent-pending technologies allow the firm to rigorously analyze claims from multiple perspectives using advanced statistical and mathematical techniques. The VLF Evaluation ProtocolSM provides a multi-dimensional risk calculation that incorporates legal, judicial, expert and financial analysis. It weighs the costs of pursing litigation against the likelihood of obtaining an equitable recovery. And it provides an objective assessment of legal claims, their perceived merits and the potential for a satisfactory resolution.

For clients, VLF's technologies significantly enhance the early case assessment process, provide improved clarity on the validity of potential claims, and can even help in identifying which matters are worth pursuing.

Summarizing VLF's unique approach, Dr. Vinson commented, “Our risk analysis tools are based on sophisticated social science techniques that we have successfully employed to develop effective models for assessing litigation-related matters. Providing capital to help clients pursue meritorious litigation is a natural extension of our experience.”

In addition to their accomplishments in the trial consulting industry, members of VLF's management team possess extensive training and experience in business, insurance, law, risk management and finance.  And the quantitative approach the firm takes to evaluating claims is augmented by the judgment and integrity of its Investment Committee members, including Dr. Vinson, Robert Chick, Robert Currie and Peter Frank.

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