VLF in Legal Tech News – Use of Litigation Finance in Evaluating Litigation Risk

LTN - litigation finance in legal techIn the August 2015 issue of Legal Tech News, Vinson Litigation Finance’s CEO, Dr. Donald E. Vinson – is quoted in the section on news and trends driving the legal technology space, about the use of technology in evaluating litigation risk.

“The decision to pursue commercial litigation has traditionally been fraught with subjectivity. Forecasting how a business dispute might be resolved has generally been based on a rudimentary analysis of initial facts and relevant case law. While nothing can replace competent legal counsel for factual and legal analysis, a more objective assessment of key decision-makers – including the courts, litigators, experts and jurors – is now possible. Litigation finance companies and trial consulting firms have utilized technology behind behavioral science research and sophisticated statistical algorithms to help develop case evaluation technologies that provide objective, reliable and valid assessments of the merits of a legal claim and the potential for achieving a satisfactory recovery. The power and reliability of these systems can provide objective answers to difficult questions about the optimal strategic and tactical approaches to trying complex matters and provides a statistically reliable, multi-dimensional assessment of a case.”

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Outside of providing capital, litigation finance companies can undertake an unbiased evaluation of a potential case, offering early case assessment into the perceived merits of the claim and the probability of achieving a satisfactory recovery.

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