Litigator’s Guide to Litigation Finance

Litigation finance, once a virtually unknown concepts, has become an accepted and commonly sought financial solution for organizations with a legitimate legal claim. And it has been employed by a diverse set of claimants – from those who are unable to bear the financial burden of pursuing litigation to those who are well-funded, yet reluctant to incur the costs and take on the risk themselves.

While many of the nation’s most prestigious law firms now engage litigation funders to assist their clients, attorney’s may still have questions regarding it’s practice.

Vinson Litigation Finance’s free “Litigator Guide to Litigation Finance” serves as an all encompassing industry resource that helps attorney’s understand:

  • Benefits of Litigation Finance
  • The Process and Hurdles to Obtaining Financing
  • Ethical and Legal Considerations
  • Litigation Finance Options
  • When is LF the right solution


About Vinson Litigation Finance

Vinson Litigation Finance (VLF), a Vinson Resolution Management (VRM) company, is a U.S.-based financial services firm providing capital for the funding of meritorious commercial litigation. VLF is the only litigation finance company that takes an objective, scientific approach to case risk analysis. Known as the VLF Evaluation ProtocolSM, VLF’s proprietary technology houses a database of more than 2,000 surrogate jurors and uses sophisticated statistical and mathematical modeling processes to assess the merits of a claim and the potential for financial success.